Business owners urged to inform police about late night alarms

In the wake of a spate of recent break and enters of Sutherland commercial/small retail locations, local businesses are urged to inform police of any alarm activation late at night into the early mornings.

According to Sutherland Police, during the recent incidents, alarms were activated but notification of the activation to police was delayed.

By informing police at the first available opportunity of alarms being set off outside of business hours, the possibility of an arrest being made will improve.

In one instance, private security responded, identified an offence, took temporary steps to secure the premises and left. The offender/s returned to the premises and committed a further offence. In this case police were only notified following the second private security response.

Business owners who receive intruder alarm notifications can contact police on 9542 0899 or on ‘000’. Those with private security arrangements are encouraged to make contact with their security provider and request that police are informed of alarm activations as soon as possible after they receive the alert.

Police from Sutherland LAC who are currently working in the late PM/early AM have been specifically tasked to patrol businesses and commercial premises.