The Leader: Empty shops are a sign of the times in once-thriving Shire areas

A series of recent shop closures in the Shire due to increasing business costs and overheads has shaken many local businesses and residents. Joanne Ryan, speaking on behalf of the MDCC, said the closure of these businesses impacts not only the local economy but also the local job market.

“At a local level, while we are pleased that the LEP (local environmental plan) has now been finalised, we also believe a co-ordinated approach to planning and infrastructure is key to future growth opportunities and that involves legitimate co-operation between multiple levels of government,” she said.

‘‘The shire is often promoted as a great place to live and a beautiful tourist destination but it also needs to be promoted as a place that supports business innovation and growth. That’s not really happening at the moment. Things need to change because the local economy and local jobs depend on it.’’

If you’d like to find out how candidates in the upcoming state election will take on the challenge of jobs and small business, come along to the MDCC’s 2015 NSW State election panel. For more information and to buy tickets, click here.