Brooks Community Consultants Pty Ltd

Brooks Community Consultants is a specialist-consulting agency in community Engagement. It has a diverse team of consultants that deliver a range of services designed to help communicate, engage and plan with local communities in order to promote the development of vibrant, connected and self-sustaining communities.

Brooks’ offer strategic advice and practical implementation on a range of measures that grow and strengthen the sense of connectedness and engagement within existing and proposed communities.

These services increase the appeal and perceived value of the community being developed, and also leverage the power of partnership forged by connections built with individuals, groups and organisations within that local community.

Brooks’ have worked with Developers, Governments & local organisations, helping them to better understand, communicate and deal with the local communities they're working with and in particular to understand that communities unique history, nuances and needs. This then forms the framework for developing an inclusive, sustainable & empowered strategic community engagement plans.