Karen Johnston


Currently Joint Director of Stable Research with long-time friend Pip Hooper. Like many business owners, her role has been anything and everything over the years, from Sales to Finance to HR and Operations. Karen personally enjoys the Business planning and marketing focus of recent years. She revels in the excitement of being a key partner in a growing business. Stable Research employs over 30 staff.

Karen has over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing in the corporate environment. Her industry experience at a senior management level includes the retail and cosmetic industries. She also has an MBA.

Karen is currently President of the Miranda and Districts Chamber of Commerce. She is passionate about the future of the Shire- both as a business owner, a resident and as a parent of young children.  Karen believes life is too short to ever drink cheap wine or go camping!

Stable Research:

Strategic Decisions lead to an expansion of our core areas of expertise from recruitment of Qualitative Focus Groups and Face to Face Interviews to Online Communities/Blogging and Data Delivery via Online Surveys.  Stable Research has grown over 10 years to be a major service provider to the Australian Market Research Industry.

Contact Karen via:     president@mdcc.com.au